Hey there! I am a VFX Artist and Director based in Sydney.

My obsession with visual arts began at an early age. Probably since the first time I picked up a pencil! I became interested in animation in primary school, drawing frame-by-frame animations in a rudimentary piece of software called Animation Shop Pro. In high school I saved up enough to buy Flash, a more sophisticated 2D animation program. My creations became increasingly elaborate and ambitious, and before long I knew that filmmaking would become the driving force in my career.

I followed through by undertaking a Bachelor of Digital Media degree at UNSW Art & Design. It was there that I began my journey into 3D visual effects. I landed an internship at a boutique studio in Sydney, where I greedily absorbed as much knowledge as possible. Soon I had a job at Method Studios, and later Alt.vfx where I was thrust straight into the deep end of photoreal visual effects for high-end clients.

After that, I moved to London and found my place in its thriving visual effects community. I freelanced at Electric Theatre Collective, and met a lot of like-minded people. I worked as a 3D generalist: responsible for managing large collections of assets as well as modelling, lookdev, lighting, storyboarding, previs and any other artistic task that was needed. It was in London that I began directing my own short films.

I have now returned to Sydney, and am working on post-production for my newest short film “Fungus”. It’s my most ambitious project to date, and I can’t wait to unleash it on the world! I’m also directing several projects for television and film in my role at New Holland Creative.


3D Generalist

3D Sculptor


Artist: Drawing, Sketching, Storyboarding


CG Generalist / Director at New Holland Creative
(2021 – present)
My current gig: I’m directing, as well as creating visual effects and animation for several projects in commercials, film and TV.

3D Generalist at Electric Theatre Collective
(2018 – 2021)
I broadened my skills considerably during my time at ETC, becoming a versatile generalist with skills in modelling, lookdev, lighting, rendering, previs and storyboarding.

Lead Modeller, 3D Generalist at Alt.vfx
(2016 – 2017)
Working on advertising and some TV work as a 3D generalist, but with a heavy focus on asset modelling. I became their lead modeller over the course of my time at Alt.

3D Generalist at Method Studios
Working on advertising as a junior 3D generalist.

3D Generalist at Mirari & Co.
Working on advertising as well as their in-house short film project “The Heart Of Sky”. First as an intern, then as a junior 3D generalist.